By purchasing a travel purchase, you agree with the following (there is nothing further to be written, but it is better to devote time to it and read:


About Us

Travel Space «Tiki» - not a travel agency. Imagine yourself buying air tickets, booking a hotel, looking for a car to rent and choosing a date to visit, for example, the Eiffel Tower. But we will do everything for you much more efficiently, faster and at times cheaper :) You just need to choose a ready-made journey on our website and within 24 hours after booking you will receive all the tickets issued in your name and necessary instructions by email. Travel Space «Tiki» provides information support in the purchase of all necessary for travel tickets.


Fair price policy

We use a fair price policy on our website. We will not impose any services on you. For example, if you have a company of 5 people flying, and only 1 person needs luggage, you can only arrange 1 suitcase and 4 people can save money. We also show the difference in price for all our travels to people of all ages: adults over 25, young people under 25, children and teenagers from 2 to 18 years old, and babies under 2 years old. Do not be intimidated by a large number of numbers and amounts :) Thanks to this, you can save your money and clearly see who is paying for what.


During the travelling

Buying a trip on our site, you should understand that you yourself are responsible for everything that happens during a trip. From the moment you received your e-mail tickets and all the necessary instructions from us, you are your own king and master. This is the beauty of independent travel! We will only help you to organize it and send by e-mail air tickets, hotel reservations, entertainment tickets and instructions on where / how / when and with whom you need to fly and where to go. We unfortunately cannot bear any responsibility for you during the trip or for service providers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc.), because we will make all purchases directly on your behalf.

But we will fully assist and assist in the organization, are ready to help in emergency situations and answer all your questions before, during, and after the trip.


Return Travel Cost

100 without 0.001% of our travels are unique. They are selected and grouped due to the efforts and a large number of factors that influence each other: air travel, connecting flights, hotel rooms, rental cars and other factors that directly depend on each other for traveling mainly have a unique price that cannot be found in the internet. And with all due respect to your money and to our efforts, in the event of cancellation, 99% of the paid funds are not refundable for the reasons described above. We ask you to consider your trip before purchasing. If you still paid for the trip and cannot go there, we will do our best to partially return your money and explain how to make a return request directly to the service provider (airline, hotel, booking system, etc.) but in most cases, if you cancel a trip, the funds are non-refundable.


Currency of payment

For the convenience of travelers, the price of travel can be displayed in four currencies - Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), dollar (USD), euro (EUR), ruble (RU). Price in the selected currency will be displayed until payment. The request to your bank from the payment system (if you pay on-line) will occur in the Ukrainian hryvnia. If your card is opened in a different currency than the Ukrainian hryvnia, it should not scare you, because the recalculation will take place at the rate of the international payment system VISA or Mastercard (depending on what card you have) and the difference from the displayed price in the currency of your card may be about 1%. We cannot influence this in any way. And we believe that 1% for the opportunity to pay for your dream from the chair of a home chair is not so much :) And if you have a currency card - Ukrainian hryvnia - then forget about this section.


Travel late

There are two types of lateness: your fault and the fault of the service provider.

If you are late for the flight / bus / train / did not return the car / overslept, etc. - You yourself must make up for lost time and arrive at your destination to continue the journey. By contacting us, we can try to help you.

If the delay was due to the fault of the service provider: the flight was delayed, your hotel room is busy, you were not given a car, etc. - You can still contact us in support. We are on your side and will do everything to help you. But you should understand that at such times we are only consultants, because the entire journey is completed directly on behalf of the service provider in your name. But we will be completely at your disposal and will do our best.


The discrepancy between the stated information and errors

Yes, it happens too. Traveling is always a risk, always something new, unexplored, untested. This is his charm. Before drawing up the trip, we take into account as much as possible all the negative and positive experience that we had during our travels. But even this is sometimes not enough, for example, in a hotel with a rating of 9.1 out of 10 there were no cockroaches :) If something on a journey does not correspond to the information displayed on our website, we cannot be held responsible for this, since we just skillfully found the necessary loophole in the journey and gave you the opportunity to use it. But we will still be at your disposal to eliminate discomfort on your journey.


The legal side of the issue

It's all clear, true and straightforward. We are not responsible for your life, health, for the information posted on the site, because We are not a direct service provider. We are an information project and all the legal responsibility will be borne directly by the service provider. We are not afraid of it, do not hide it and ask you to understand it. But we will still be at your disposal to eliminate the discomfort on your journey and are ready to listen to any wishes and complaints.