Travel Center «Tiki» - a convenient service of independent recreation and adventure for experienced tourists and beginners,

combining airline stocks, hotels, apartments, hostels, couchsurfing, car booking, cruises, buses, trains, tickets to world sights, a blog with useful information and live hacks, the experience of our editors and much more. All this is collected in one place - inside a ready-made independent travel, which can be booked instantly, without wasting your time searching for the best route, choosing flights, accommodation, transfers and entertainment.


We are the first and only non-travel agency of independent tourism.

Imagine that you buy tickets, book a hotel, look for a car to rent and choose the date of your visit, for example, the Eiffel Tower.

But we have already done it much more efficiently, faster and at times cheaper!

You just need to choose a tour and within 24 hours after booking, we will send by e-mail all documents issued in your name and necessary instructions.

In other words - in one click you will begin to travel freely, even if you have not tried it before!

We are unique

Transparent budgets

Interesting directions

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