Where will I live during the trip?

You can choose the type of stay inside the trip from all the proposed options (on each trip the accommodation options may be different): Hotel Standard, Hotel Lux, Premium Hotel, hostel, couchsurfing or apartments. You can not worry about the quality and location of your accommodation: we will choose the best accommodation option for you (good rating and convenient location) in one of the Internet booking systems and pay for it, based on the travel budget and your choice.


Why has the price of a trip changed?

We use dynamic pricing. This means that the price of travel can change even at the time of registration (the air ticket price went up, someone paid for the trip or another reason).


What is a turnkey journey?

We think over any of our travels from the very beginning to the end: flights and crossings along the route, connections, accommodation, transfers, entertainment and attractions and other nuances in the journey - everything is organized into one single chain. You just have to follow her :)


How to pay online?

You can pay for travel online on our website through the Liqpay system.


How to pay through the terminal?

Select the option «Payment now via Liqpay» and then select «Payment via terminal».


What is Couchsurfing and where will I live?

Couchsurfing is an online service that provides overnight accommodation for travelers. We will provide you with a choice of three hosts (the person who provides housing) and you can directly agree on the overnight stay.


Can I travel with children?

Yes, all our travels include travel with children of any age. If not, it will be described inside the journey.


Can I pay on behalf of a legal entity?

Yes, payment is possible at the expense of a legal entity. To do this, contact us in any way convenient for you.


What to do if the flight was delayed?

Do not panic, look at the board at the airport and wait for your flight. We do not use the services of charter flights, which means that the airline knows about the delay and will not leave you in trouble.


What if my hotel room is busy?

Contact the reception and ask to solve the problem.


What if I had an accident on the car?

On the contract with the rental company there is always a telephone around the clock support service.


What if I do not have a visa for the country to which I want to buy a trip?

Need to get a visa


Can you help to get a visa?

At the moment we can help information. To do this, contact us in any way convenient for you.