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Prague - the city of bridges

10 april - 16 april (7 days)
Original tour
Getaway in Europe
The heart of Europe
3300 km
Путешествие в Прагу Чехия
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This is a unique independent journey.

We were able to combine the shares of airlines and other vehicles in this assembly, find the best accommodation, transfers, sights and compare more than 10 factors to get a unique vacation at a great price!

After booking, we will send you paid tickets (including air travel, if they are on the road), information and a prepaid booking for accommodation (choose: hotel, hostel, etc.), a detailed step-by-step program of staying in cities and tickets to attractions.

You will be free to travel, even if this is the first time!

Independent travel, without any obligations, without agents and tour operators, without imposing excursions.

Its beauty is that you allow yourself absolutely everything! Sleep a little longer or get up early in the morning and enjoy the empty streets, take a walk in the central square or visit a museum, go to a nightclub or meet the locals, dine Spanish paella or Mexican enchilada, and at breakfast try the Portuguese tourist. You have the time and enthusiasm. Give yourself an unforgettable holiday and decide how you want to spend it!

Travel plan

It depends on your desire to walk, watch and live emotion. We have selected a convenient travel plan and several housing options so that you will definitely discover something new on the trip. There are hundreds of places worth visiting, but first of all we recommend the following:

  •  River cruise on the Vltava river + snacks + ticket to the Charles Bridge Museum - a unique Prague cruise with snacks and a visit to the museum, included in the price of the trip.
  • The Apple Museum - is the museum of the great Steve Jobs.
  • Statue of Franz Kafka - a statue of the great writer made by modern art.
  • Karluv most - the most visited place in Prague.
But you have the right to use freedom and you can create your own script!


You have to choose the number of travelers, luggage, get acquainted with the details of the route on the tour, decide on the accommodation and entertainment inside each city and make a reservation. Perhaps one click separates you from the dream.

Ask questions, Tiki is always in touch.

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Maximum 1 luggage and 1 carry-on luggage for 1 traveler

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Price for 1 luggage: €0

If your trip includes several flights, we will specify the cost of 1 baggage on the whole route

Travel Information

Optimal build
Travel start
10 april / Departure
10 april in 21:30 / Departure
Route movement
Route: Zaporizhzhya - Prague
Zaporizhzhya - Prague
wed 10 apr. 21:30 - fri 12 apr. 07:50
Zaporizhzhya - Prague
wed 10 apr. 21:30 - fri 12 apr. 07:50
Ecolines автобусная компания лоукост
Econom class
Destination city
12 april - 14 april (3 day)
12 april - 14 april (3 day)
HostelStandart room
12 apr. - 14 apr.
Sight / entertainment
Cruise along the river Vltava + snacks + ticket to Charles Bridge Museum
Included in the trip
Sight / entertainment
Apple Museum - entrance ticket
Route movement
Route: Prague - Zaporizhzhya
Prague - Zaporizhzhya
sun 14 apr. 23:00 - tue 16 apr. 10:00
Prague - Zaporizhzhya
sun 14 apr. 23:00 - tue 16 apr. 10:00
Ecolines автобусная компания лоукост
Econom class
End of trip
16 april / Return
16 april in 10:00 / Return

1-click order


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